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Identification Surveys

Are you a purchaser looking to buy a property?
Are you a vendor looking to sell a property?
Do you need a survey for a building certificate?

These surveys are used in Sales Contracts by vendors, they are ordered by purchasers when they are looking to buy a property and they can also be used when you are applying for a building certificate from council. These Surveys show the position of buildings & fences in relation to boundaries and they disclose any encroachments by or upon the subject land.

Level Contours & Detail Plans

Are you lodging a DA for building work?
Does your Architect require a survey for design purposes?

These surveys produce plans that show levels and site detail including building positions garden and other topographical features, tree location and size and adjoining property information. These plans are used for council development applications and used by architects for design purposes.

Subdivisions & Easement Plans

Do you have a building or structure that encroaches onto an adjoining property?
Does part of your neighbours building encroach onto your land or property?
Do you require a drainage easement through adjoining land?
Is access (easement) required through an adjoining property?

Subdivisions can be:

  • Boundary Adjustments
  • Dual occupancy subdivisions
  • Multi lot land subdivisions
  • Strata Subdivisions for apartments & townhouses
  • Stratum subdivisions for multi use commercial retail and residential developments
  • Community title subdivisions

Construction Set Out

We undertake all types of construction setout including the following:

  • Marking of boundaries
  • Setting out the position of new building work for renovations
  • The setting out of new houses in new subdivisions
  • The setting out of industrial buildings
  • The setting out of high rise commercial / residential buildings

Marking of Boundaries

Boundaries are marked so that:

  • The position of new fencing is erected in the right location.
  • New building positions are related to boundaries.
  • Disputes between neighbours over boundary positions are resolved.
  • The position of structure area is determined in relation to boundaries.

Lease Area Surveys

These surveys are performed to determine the lettable area of offices, shops, commercial and industrial space. They can be measured in accordance with the property council of Australia method of measurement (formerly known as the BOMA surveys) to determine the net lettable area, gross lettable area or the gross lettable area retail.

Monitoring Surveys

These Surveys are performed on structures that are susceptible to movement caused by close excavation or construction work. These surveys are undertaken at regular intervals with high accuracy equipment to determine the slightest horizontal or vertical movement.

3D AutoCAD Models